Monday, November 2, 2009


I will admit, I didnt believe the rumors that you were even getting up at 6:30AM this weekend to study game film but the work definitely showed!  The payoff?

14 of 22 attempts, 109 yards, only 1 INT!  56.3 passer rating.  DUH......DUH DUH DUH.....DUH DUH DUH...DUH DUH DUUUUUUUUUUH.  You were a regular Rocky today!  Wonder if Burgess Meredith was also helping you try to catch chickens that early in the morning?  Im guessing not since you were sacked 5 times.

I also liked how your 2nd throw of the day was right to Cromartie.  Too bad he doesnt play for us - it was the most accurate throw you had.  Then, to ensure you didnt get picked off again, every pass from then on was about 10 yards ahead, behind, left or right of the receiver.  Maybe its because you keep practicing that mean sky hook of yours.....KEEP YOUR FEET PLANTED YOU MORON!  THIS ISNT BASKETBALL!

Somehow the Chargers are bad enough to let us creep back in this game but you still stink.  Rumor has it you get the start again next time.  AWESOME.  I expect nothing less from the organization and Al at this point.

As Tob Cable said after your epic performance:  “He seemed very much to be in control today," Cable said. "A couple throws he’d probably like to have over again, but for the most part he gave us a chance to win today."

OR as Mr. Balboa said for himself after the game, "I did a pretty good job."

See you in two weeks Chet.

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  1. The Raiders suck as an organization and no one has succeeded offensively in years with that team.

    You have had Randy Moss, Javon Walker, and multiple other talents who did not flourish at all in oakland. so what makes you think they can bring along a quaterback yeah Jamarcus has his faults but the Raider organization sucks maybe with Hue jackson they can be a functional offense as long as the WRs can catch the ball.