Wednesday, December 16, 2009

OUR DAY OF INFAMY: April 28, 2007

This was the day Al basically threw the franchise over the abyss.  By drafting the fattest dumbest QB in a century but who could throw a ball inaccurately 60 yards from his knees, Al basically doomed the Raiders proud history.

Honorable mention is the 2009 Draft where he basically confirmed that he is a worthless piece of shit at evaluating talent these days by drafting 3rd team All-ACC Darrius Heyward Bey and no team anywhere Mike Mitchell in the 2nd

The team was already mired in mediocrity for 5 years after Al basically was TOO MUCH OF A FUCKING EGO MANIAC AND CHEAP BASTARD to let Gruden run and be the face of the team.  Oh and all those FUCKING RETARDS saying Gruden didnt want to be a part of the Raiders - here he is this week when he went to SF to work MNF:

THAT makes me want to cry.  The guy BLED Silver and Black and Al cast him aside for less money than he gave Jaworthless.  Everyone wanted Chucky to be the face of the Raiders and only you couldnt deal with that.

I thought this blog was done when Gradkowski was named the starter but God doesnt like me and my fellow Raider fans so he promply took him out with a season ending knee injury.  Then JaMarcus came into the game and put up the following stat line: 10-16 for 74 yards, 1 INT and......6 1 half.  Basically if this FAT FUCK wasnt throwing laterally to his halfback like a handoff, he got sacked, didnt complete the pass or got intercepted.  And again...6 sacks in one HALF.  If you saw the game the O-line essentially quit on him - just as everyone except his mother should do.

Word is he wont start again this year so maybe this blog will be retired once more.  One thing is for certain, everyone witnessing this catastrophe wont see anything like this ever again.  Lame-arcus is literally rewriting the book on shitty QBs and the dangers of drafting a crappy one.

Happy Hannukah Al - hopefully for the rest of us this will be your last, YOU WORTHLESS SENILE OLD FUCK.

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