Monday, October 26, 2009


You have done it. You have supplanted Ryan Leaf as THE biggest bust of the NFL draft EVER. Leaf is dancing in his Texas jail cell as he is being replaced in the record books by your awfulness. You will be forever remembered as the quintessential overpaid, over-hyped, me-first, could care less football player that has so much talent but is rewarded on potential and not proof. Your pay to performance ratio will undoubtedly change the rules of football contracts as we know it with the new collective bargaining agreement. Rookie salary cap anyone?

To you, its just about counting that $30 million guaranteed. To you, its not how you win or lose, just how you eat the gumbo.

After you got benched, you were laughing on the sideline?

Maybe it was at your stat line:

6-11 61 yards 2 INTS, 1 lost fumble - QB rating 31.1

Gradkowski, your TOLEDO COLLEGE backup played twice as good as you after you were benched and actually drove the team into Jets territory. He was drafted in the 6th round. He makes the league minimum $450,000.

Tom was sharp as ever Sunday with this keen observation of Jamarcus' play: "I thought he was really out of sorts early in the game,” Cable said. “I just did not feel like at that point he gave us the best chance to have the success we needed to have offensively and made the move."

But Tom Cable has promised more JaMarcus next week! The show MUST go on! According to dear leader Al, er, Tom, "JaMarcus will continue to be our starter. There is no issue there.” Probably because Russell disagreed with coach and said he felt "just fine but that the results weren’t there." Maybe this is what the auto and banking industries should have told Congress to get off the hook.

I actually though that was your curtain call, your final performance before you fade into obscurity and then found years later in some Maury Povich expose where you have exploded into a gelatinous supernova and have to be removed from your home by tow truck. But Al and Tom wants to make sure there will never be a challenge to your throne. I agree. Plus this blog lives to see another day.

All hail the king!

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