Monday, October 12, 2009

Fat slob or just overstuffed with potential?

Well, Raider fans, coaches, and bloggers have been spouting this "potential" and "upside" vomit the last three years, here's how he improved on last weeks game:

8-13, 100 yards, 0 TDs 0 INTS, OK no turnovers....oh wait.....3 FUMBLES!?! Also you were sacked six times since you are completely immobile. But let's not blame you, it's your fat's fault.

Apparently you and work ethic dont get along. However, we have a pretty banged up OL, maybe soon you can start making holes for Fargas and Bush! That must be Tom Cable's plan all along - create a new super-back position that can play the C and QB position combined!

This team is so horrid, so awful, so mismanaged and broken, it's going to take years to fix but since Al wont die, you gotta go blubber boy. And no that pic IS NOT doctored, you're that fat.

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