Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stop drinking the Kool-Aid!

Augh, after reading a ton of Raider blogs, I have this to say:

STOP DRINKING THE KOOL-AID. This guy is NOT our QB of the future, nor any team's QB of the future. How many years does it take for him to develop? He's had 3 freaking years and he's only gotten worse. Especially if you believe the rumors of him not even studying game film. Augh.
The team has a lot of problems, most noticibly at the top (but the die Al die blog is for another day. One goon at a time...). But it starts with J-Bust.
The blogs that defended him really buy this guy will eventually be all world talent. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. They say that or do one of two things:
1. Blame the offensive line. Did you see Aaron Rodgers last night? He had no offensive linemen that could stop the pass rush, was on his back half the game but still put up some impressive numbers. Do you know that the Texans were putting NINE (yes thats 9 out of a possible 11 players) in the box against the run on us? You know what that means? It means that Texas essentially said, "Yeah, your guy sucks."
2. Blame the recievers. Yes they dropped passes but they need passes that are within 10 yards of them to catch it. Russell clearly isnt communicating well with his wideouts in the huddle and thats another reason he must go, hes not a team leader.

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